Decide To Decide

Sadik Hadzovic, decide to decide, hunky wisdom.

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Muscles Define Our Body Shapes

Muscles define our body shapes. How we hold ourselves. How we walk. How we talk. How we fuck. How we do almost everything. Define your muscles and you redefine your body shape.


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Twerk Out

Large people twerking out as in werking out as in working out! Awesome, get that body moving! That is most important. Feel The First Full Feeling ™ in your stomach and belly areas and stop eating, leave the table, move away from the food, move the food away from you, now! Stop eating when you feel full the very first time in a meal. I lost over 68 lbs doing this in about nine months! My medical doctors where blown away.

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Record Weight Loss of 800 Pounds

Marya Roseles, 33, once weighed over 1000 pounds and has since lost over 800 pounds! Epic.

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Fat Storage Expert

Fat Storage Expert

If you want to put fat on ask a fat storage expert. They can teach you.
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Medical aspects of the low carbohydrate lifestyle

What the consensus nutrition guidelines profess:

– Carbohydrates are the essential energy nutrient in the modern diet and should provide at least 60% of the daily energy intake in all humans at all ages.
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Jeff Seid Pro-Strength Training Workout

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