Vital Statistics 20140110 02:40


20140110 02:40
Mass: 342 lbs. 38.9% Body Fat. 46.1 BMI.
Blood Pressure: 131 mmHg Systolic over 50 mmHg Diastolic. Normal Blood Pressure, although Diastolic is on the low side and possibly hypotension.
Pulse: 68/min.
Blood Sugar: 15.2 mmol/L, ~ 3 hours after last meal. Target range 5 – 7 mmol/L.
Humulin N Injection: 120 units.

Completed the 8:15pm yoga class at Bikram’s Metrotown Yoga last night. It was a challenging class. I did almost all the standing series. For the floor series I only did the lying down posture as I’m attempting to acclimate my body to the hot room and doing the other postures heats me up so much that the prior two classes I’ve had to leave the room for five to fifteen minutes which cools me off too much. 2L of water consumed to keep cool. First drink when the floor series started.

After a posture, especially the compression postures, I feel a huge wave of blood moving through my body (this is normal) and a requirement to breath larger volumes of air out and in. Full out breaths really help but it can take a minute or two to calm the breathing down at times. On some of the more challenging postures I have to lay down on the floor to regain my breath before proceeding to the next posture. In time my recovery time will improve so that I’ll be able to do the full set of standing postures without missing any. Then the floor series. That’s a challenge right now since it hurts to lay on my belly, must lose more body mass I suspect before I can handle those postures.

One awesome result since rebooting my yoga practice in December 2013 is that I can now do a full squat and remain there comfortably for five to ten minutes. I was even able to refill my vehicles tires using the squat position rather than the less dignified bending over. So this is a very practical result so far that is a direct benefit to me.

More flexible of course, lots of work on that front to go but already this is helping my mobility significantly.

During the lying down process I visualized my nervous system energized with as if was a bright white light, almost immediately I was aware of places within and all over my body, sensations rushed in. A distinction emerged, nerves energized yet not activating muscles, muscles and nerves distinct; muscles relaxed deeply.

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