Maximum Bob Whelan’s Is The Most Methodical Intense Strength Training Possible In Any Universe

I first met Maximum Bob Whelan through a “Commando Tough Training” classified ad in a local DC heal rag, their version of Common Ground Magazine, if I’m not mistaken. It took a few weeks to work up the courage of my commitment before calling Maximum Bob. In the end it has been very much worth it.

His is the most methodical intense strength training is any possible universe.




The exquisite self inflicted full body torture of Maximum Bob’s “Sandbag Alley”.

The Farmers Walk with massive weights around the block. Insanely intense, insane benefits.



If you want to train hard contact Bob Whelan, MS, MS, CSCS
Phone: (561) 283-7309


About pwl

I am a Systems Scientist with a Specialty in Systems Analysis and Computer Science and Neuro Linguistic Programming. I write software. I consult with large and small corporations on a variety of technical fields: finance, banking, insurance, construction, engineering, simulations, modeling, electronics, product design, systems integration, and much more. I am a writer. I am an atheist/anti-theist or "bright" - no invisible friends for me. You are free to be or "believe" what you want as long as you don't harm anyone in your actions in accordance with the non-aggression principle. I promote the natural human desire to freely trade with others and to relate with others in the context of the non-aggression principle and voluntary society with spontaneous order. I'm working to rebalance my body through various forms of body weight strength training such as hot yoga, calisthenics, in addition to free weights and old school strength training; and nutrition of course. I practice meditation of observing one's own breath without trying to change its rythym, which is something one can practice whatever one is doing in life (or whatever life is doing to one). I'm comitted to excellence and life long learning. If I can bring a smile to your face; if I can brighten your day; if I can learn from you; if I can teach you; if I can freely trade with you; if I can make a positive difference in your life; these are actions of success that I value. Live long and prosper.
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