Shrimp, Shrimp, Shrimp, Yum, Yum, Yum

IMG_3160 Raw Shrimp Cook 20140204a Yum

A very filling shrimp meal. The shrimp are medium size, 31/40 count per pound. Buy them frozen (see image below), and raw; the raw shrimp are less expensive. Also, peeled or not peeled as preference and availability.

IMG_3163 Raw Shrimp Cook 20140204a Yum

Eat with your preferred type of seafood or shrimp sauce. I’m still finding one but President’s Choice is not bad. Don’t even bother with Kraft, for some reason they’ve never tasted seafood sauce – it’s not supposed to be Ketchup Kraft!

Crosse & Blackwell Seafood & Shrimp Sauce

Crosse & Blackwell Seafood Sauce or Shrimp Sauce are the gold standard. Obtain one of these sauces at all costs! They got it going on! The flavor is epic. I have to find a good supplier in Vancouver.

IMG_3158 Raw Shrimp Cook 20140204a Yum

The boil is on with the steam yet to come… the ice has melted and cooking is about half done.

IMG_3156 Raw Shrimp Cook 20140204a Yum

Got a nice steaming and boil going on inside the pan. The ice has melted and the color has changed from the frozen color. We want that color to be bright orange before eating.

IMG_3154 Raw Shrimp Cook 20140204a Yum

The frozen shrimp in the frying pan. Turn heat to 7 or 8. The melt will begin and with the lid on about a 1/4 inch of water will form from the melted ice. Steaming will occur. Always cook shrimp well done to avoid any bacteria.

IMG_3151 Raw Shrimp Cook 20140204a Yum

This is one brand of packaged and frozen shrimp. I got this package at Safeway. Usually I get raw with the peels on as it’s lower cost. Peeled and/or cooked is always more and since it’s easy to cook it’s better on the pocket book.

Crush it up while the package is sealed to eliminate or minimize clumping of the frozen pieces of shrimp. They’ll melt quicker in the frying pan. The idea is to have them all fit into the pan with the lid on.

Of course you can get higher or lower shrimp counts per pound. I prefer the bigger shrimp. If you’re going for tiny shrimp I’d recommend peeled. The larger shrimp are easy to peel if you don’t mind getting your fingers all sticky with shrimp juices and yummy sauce!

Also works great with Scallops! Frozen, follow the same instructions. Even mix the two together or with a nice slice of fish per your choices. Toss in some veggies sliced up. Celery is awesome for some reason. Some greens, beans, maybe some tomatoes. Flavor as needed but often the seafood has it’s own delicious flavors! Enjoy!


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