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Large Bodies Can Burn 2,232 Calories in 90 Minutes!!!

At my current body mass of 328 to 336 pounds Bikram’s Hot Yoga burns approximately 2,232 to 2,313 Calories in the 90 minute class!!! That’s roughly 2/3 of a pound! Wow. Advertisements

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Scrawny 147lbs to Brawny 235lbs in Five Years

Rick Hall has undergone an incredible muscle building transformation. The prototypical 99 pound weakling (ok, 147 pounds) works out for five years and builds his body to 235 pounds of lean shredded muscular hard body. Congratulations you’ve got it going … Continue reading

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Body Fat Percent Chart

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Calculating How Many Calories To Lose, Maintain or Gain Body Mass?

Try the Basal Metabolic Rate calculator at for yourself. Here is what the BMR calculator estimated for me to lose weight given my vital stats and a moderate level of activity as of 20140117. Although I’m actively doing yoga … Continue reading

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