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What Losing 100 Pounds Taught Me

“It didn’t come as a shock to me that when I lost nearly 100 pounds, the world and its relationship to me changed drastically. What threw me for a loop, however, was the fact that many of those changes were … Continue reading

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Tightening Up Loose Skin After Losing Weight

This is a question that many large people, including myself, have asked our doctors. Just yesterday in fact I asked yet again and the answer was the most unsatisfying “let’s cross that bridge when we get there”. I’m a science … Continue reading

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Target: Now That Is What I’m Aiming For

Perfection in action and form.

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BBC Horizon: Eat, Fast and Live Longer

“Fasting and how to live longer and stave off common diseases while improving every aspect of your health.” “Eat, Fast and Live Longer 2012-2013 Episode 3 of 17 Duration: 1 hour Michael Mosley has set himself a truly ambitious goal: … Continue reading

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How Does Intermittent Fasting Maximize Fat Loss?

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