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Shrimp, Shrimp, Shrimp, Yum, Yum, Yum

A very filling shrimp meal. The shrimp are medium size, 31/40 count per pound. Buy them frozen (see image below), and raw; the raw shrimp are less expensive. Also, peeled or not peeled as preference and availability. Advertisements

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Simple Shrimp Protein Meal

This is a bowl of shrimp that I cooked up last week. For veggies I ate some raw carrots with it. Cooking shrimp is easy. First buy uncooked shrimp.

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Brunch of Steak, Potato Wedges and Leafy Carot Salad

A bed of Lettuce. The salad are leaves of Romain Lettuce with one long thick carrot sliced length wise and segmented. Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Lemon Pepper, Rosemary powered, Bragg Soy sprayed.

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Breakfast Of Champions

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Gluten-Free Breakfast Museli Recipe

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