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Medical aspects of the low carbohydrate lifestyle

What the consensus nutrition guidelines profess: – Carbohydrates are the essential energy nutrient in the modern diet and should provide at least 60% of the daily energy intake in all humans at all ages. Advertisements

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What Losing 100 Pounds Taught Me

“It didn’t come as a shock to me that when I lost nearly 100 pounds, the world and its relationship to me changed drastically. What threw me for a loop, however, was the fact that many of those changes were … Continue reading

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Progress Status, Yoga Is More Than Being Bendy

Hi, So I took about a week off due to the sniffles and runny nose and scheduling. Went back tonight to the 8:15pm hot yoga class. It was really hot and humid in the room and I was lacking energy … Continue reading

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Best ABS Exercise

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Large Bodies Can Burn 2,232 Calories in 90 Minutes!!!

At my current body mass of 328 to 336 pounds Bikram’s Hot Yoga burns approximately 2,232 to 2,313 Calories in the 90 minute class!!! That’s roughly 2/3 of a pound! Wow.

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Nosy About Fat

“New research from the Monell Center reveals humans can use the sense of smell to detect dietary fat in food.

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